Cowboys, Part 2

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Video Description: Colby Keller arrives on the tractor, just back from the fields to find Chris Porter resting and Tommy Defendi working on his truck. Colby wakes Chris from his nap by running his hand up Chris's leg. He begins kissing him and stoking what's under Chris's blue jeans. Colby's thick hard cock is out of his pants quickly and Chris turns his head to swallow it up, and lick on Colby's balls. Tommy is watching from a distance, but fixing the truck can wait for now. He heads over and starts making out with Colby, then pulls his huge dipstick out. Chris starts going back and forth between the two huge cocks in his face, sucking each one over and over. Colby gives back to Chris, slurping on his cock while Chris takes Tommy to the back of his throat. Spitting on and fingering Chris's tight hole, Colby warms it up so he can plow some ass, and boy does this farmer know how to plow. Chris is taking a huge cock in the ass and one in the mouth, until his buddies flip him over on his back and switch positions. Tommy's now delivering the blows to Chris's hole with his huge tool until Chris unloads onto his stomach, leading Tommy to send streams of cum shooting out his cock, hitting Chris in the face, inspiring Colby to drop a thick load.