Heath Fucks Vic

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Video Description: We've paired up Heath with his pretty blue eyes and Vic with his charming foreign accent. They start kissing like horny teenagers and then they alternate going down on each other. This handsome pair of hot dudes seems to be pretty adept at cocksucking and you can tell that both are enjoying the experience. Besides trying to outdo each other in the fellating department, it's also become a contest to see who can make the other sigh harder and moan deeper. And then Vic eats out Heath's ass, teasing the hole with lingering tongue jabs and licks. He follows that up by slamming his thick cock into the juiced-up orifice, making Heath shiver with excitement. They switch it up and Heath plows his slick dick into Vic's bunghole, fucking him with such force and determination that his Slavic slaveboy whimpers audibly. Vic grabs his meat and strokes it until he shoots his load across his belly. Heath pulls out and jerks himself off, finally climaxing with his own blasts of cum.