Deception, Part 1

Video Description: The lovers are alone in their room discussing the days activities when they notice a commotion outside. Some of the farmhands are dragging another out of the yard. Shane Rockford says to ignore it and go to bed, but Josh Weston is curious and goes to investigate. He spies on the farmhands who have gone into the barn to discipline one of their own for trying to run away. He sees Christian Taylor giving a blowjob to Jimmy McGuire and Josh Harting getting sucked by mega hung Chad Hunt while Daniel Sinclair and Brian McClaine watch from the rafters. The voyeurs join in on the action and the scene becomes a full-blown suckfest with every man kissing, licking, and worshipping each other's cocks with passionate abandon! McGuire licks Harting's perfect smooth butt as Weston continues to watch from outside and finally bottom boy Taylor gives up his tight hole for McGuire as the others shoot their cum on the fucking couple mid-thrust. The spent men leave, but Harting stays behind with the couple.